Decrease in TeleportService speed

I’ve been seeing a massive decrease in TeleportService’s speed, I have a soft shutdown system in my game which teleports you back into the game whenever the game shuts down, the problem is it’s now taking forever, over 5 minutes even to just teleport.

Is anyone experiencing this problem or is it just me?

A note is that I currently have a teleport virus in my game that teleports all player to some random game, I stopped it by disabling third party teleport, I did try CTRL+SHIFT+N to search all of the script using words such as Teleport, Require and etc but all of them are on scripts I trust such as CarbonEngine and my own scripts.

Ok, so you’ve just been backdoored. Some sort of malicious script was put in your game, either disguised as a legitimate script or hidden in some sort of free model or plugin. I suggest scanning your game with gameguard as that gets most of the virus scripts and backdoor scripts. If you are willing to wait a little while then you could use HISD to scan your game, but it takes much longer and if you don’t configure it then it may delete false positives.

Incredibly late reply but I will try it!