Dedicated Donation System for Groups

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to allow users to donate to a group with as much as they please without creating a bunch of tiers of prices. What I suggest is a variable donation system for groups that would allow members to click a button and donate as much as they want to a group.
Here’s kinda what I’m thinking of (threw together an example in Inspect Element):

You press the Donate button, and a popup will appear asking for an amount.

You enter an amount you’d like to donate to said group, press Donate, and boom. You’ve just helped that group. I think this would be great, because for far too long group stores have been cluttered with donate t-shirts and games have had to implement bunches of tiers for users to donate the amount they’d like with a minimal effect from the marketplace fee. With something like this, all of that can be left behind.
Groups desperately need some love, and this is just one of many things I think would improve the group system.


Yes, I’m tired of being the ‘change the t-shirt prices’ boy for some of my groups!



If donations had lower market fees than all other scenarios, I could imagine people would start using this to bypass those fees.

Soon enough that shall become the main method of paying people and a significant less amount of robux shall then be taken up by the market fees. More robux stays in the system. Inflation, eventual drop in the value of robux?

I’m no major in economics but wouldn’t something like that happen?

Thats part of the reason they removed tickets. The value of robux was literally decreasing every day. Not a great thing to be happening when they are trying to set up a stable dev ex rate

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Fair point. Alright, well in that case the fee is fine remaining. At this point all I want is a way of donating to a group with however much I choose so tiers of donations can be avoided. Of course this is something that would be toggleable in group settings, though.

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Darn bots ruin everything. We must start a crusade against the bots !!!

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Keep the marketplace fee, but create a direct donation for groups. This would be incredible. Also it would be cool to allow flexible dev products. So someone could make a gui where a player enters the amount they want to donate and then the marketplace fee is taken from that.