Deep Linking Doesn't Open Game When Roblox App Not Open

Hello Roblox Team,

My team is currently having issues with Deep Linking functionality. Previously, we built and successfully tested a system for unlocking a hat via a deep link. However as of recently we noticed an error with that same implementation: When the user visits the deep link WITHOUT having the Roblox app open, the deep link only opens the Roblox App and does not direct the user to the experience. If the user does have the Roblox app open, it functions as normal and correctly passes the launchData used to unlock the hat as well.

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I’ve been facing this same issue, however it’s not even consistently opening the game for me when the app is already open - sometimes it just brings the app window to the front without ever entering the game.

This bug has been fixed and this deep linking flow should be working now. Are you still seeing problems with this?