Deep Links & Apps Flyer Issues

Description of the Issue:
We have recently observed a problem with the deep linking feature that was previously functioning correctly. The issue is apparent on both the desktop and mobile versions of Roblox. When a user clicks on the AppsFlyer deep link, instead of directly entering the game, the user is brought to the home screen of the Roblox app. In order to successfully access the game, the user must click the link for a second time, with the Roblox app already open. The behavior of the deep links is inconsistent, and this inconsistency poses usability challenges for our users.

Steps to Reproduce:
Ensure the Roblox app is not running in the background.
Click on the AppsFlyer deep link to access the game.

Expected behavior

Expected Behavior:
The user should be redirected to the specific game directly without the need for a second click.

Actual Behavior:
The user is redirected to the home screen of the Roblox app and needs to click the deep link a second time to access the game.
Users might assume the link is faulty or not working after the initial attempt and may not try again, leading to potential user retention issues.
The deep links appear to function correctly only when the Roblox app is already open and running in the background.
On the desktop app, even with the Roblox app open in the background, users are only sometimes able to access the game after clicking on the deep link.

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Thank you for reporting this issue in such detail. This issue should have been resolved with the most recent release. Please let us know if you find any more issues!

Thanks for the quick fix - confirmed we’re good now!

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