Deerblox CA, [Update Log]

Deerblox CA,

Project Inspired, by original Deerblox.

Made, by Zachjelly.

Remade game aka, Deerblox CA, : Click here!

8/8/20 : V.0.1., The Basics: Working on the Pre-Alpha Update DLC.

Added List: Added, the official “Life” update, or shall I call it DLC. Added, half way done, airport, and runway, beginning planning on the rest of the town, trees, roads, will be expected to be in the visionary update, which should be our next plan / topic. Welcome GUI and Version GUI has been improved, successfully, now with sleeker UI implemented with UICorner capabilites. Added, about a 700 player for pre-alpha, (This feature, might be going away, and will be downgraded, to atleast a 20 or 40 player cap.) Lastly, we’re implementing “free VIP, servers” for everyone, until the game has been officially released and no longer in beta.

Deprecated List: We have discontinued the music player, gui since it was annoying, and not only that I wanted citizens, and users, to beable to enjoy their built-in car, radio music. We might readd this in the future.

That’s about it, for today. Special thanks, for @ephurial for helping me with the planning, building, and the UI design.


Added, admin, for moderation team, etc. Experimented, with skyboxes, but still kept the original.

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