Default animation still playing after default Animate script removal

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    For some reason, the default “looking around” animation still plays even after replacing the default Animate script with an edited one.
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    The running animation (which is still the default one) gets interrupted by the default “looking around” idle animation causing the running animation to stop playing.
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    I thought that maybe it was because the default animations started playing after loading the character and never stopped (looped animations). But when I print the amount of running animations after loading the character, the result is always 0:
game.Players.CharacterAutoLoads = false

	local description = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").HumanoidDescription
	local character = player.Character
	-- Custom animation located in StarterCharacterScripts
	local AnimationTracks = player.Character.Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()
	print("amount:" .. #AnimationTracks)
	-- Stop all playing animations
	for i, t in pairs (AnimationTracks) do
	local weapon = game:GetService("ServerStorage"):WaitForChild("Weapon"):Clone()
	weapon.Parent = character
	weld(character["RightHand"], weapon)

I also removed the “no tool animation” because I thought it could have been associated with this instead of idle, but the problem remained.
This is the edited Animate script: (was taken before removing no tool animation)

All I did was replacing the default idle animations with my own in the script.

Does anyone know where this default animation is coming from? I did notice a folder being created probably because of LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription? It still has the default animations even after I set it to my own animation id (but the animation id inside CustomAnimate script is correct).


Set Animation 2 to the same animation and the default looking will be changed to that.


Just tried it out but the animation still plays :frowning:

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Found the answer by reading through another post. Renaming CustomAnimate (located in StarterCharacterScripts) to Animate caused the default Animate to be automatically replaced.

Thanks! @Legoracer