Default Animations are over-riding my custom animations?

Hello there! I’ve been currently reviewing an issue with my animations for a custom fully rigged character. Basically, everything is correct on the rig and everything that’s needed is in there. I did change the hipheight on the rig so it would benefit the play-style. The issue I am experiencing now is the default Idle animations are overriding my current custom idle animation and the custom Idle animations don’t always work even though it’s property is set to Idle is a group animation ID in the official script etc. It’s not working and my rig keeps tposing after a minute or two and every now and again the R15 idle animation over-rides my custom Idle animations (3) . I’ve contacted many people and they suggested I take it here as this has been affecting me for a few days and I cannot find a solution.

However it does work at some points when I test for example

But after the custom run/walk animation it’ll naturally tpose and eventually default r15 idle.

Please help me!

Hey! Have you checked the animation priority of your custom animation? You can change this in the Animation Editor > Click the 3 dots (…) > Set Animation Priority > Select the desired priority.

There are 4 levels of priority: Core, Idle, Movement and Action. If the priority of your custom animation is lower than the R15 animation, then the R15 animation will overwrite your custom animation.

Hopefully this helps!

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@DutchGalaxy Yup. Usually, I keep the idle animations’ priority to idle and walking/running animations to movement. If movement doesn’t work, I change it to action.