Default Colours for Roblox Studio Settings

I searched far and wide deep and tall on the internet the default colours for roblox studio with no luck.

It seems that after an update my active colour for my settings changed from blue to orange, and I want to exact previous default colour back.

I don’t want to make my studio settings default again, I only want to make the active colour back to what it was originally.

Can someone please help me,

well just click on the color and change it to back to blue, or whatever color you’d like. I don’t remember the original colors.

Well that doesn’t help me, now does it?

my color was changed as well, I’m telling you that you could change the color yourself, if you think it’s blue just change it to blue…

Hi, in settings:

Go to Studio
Theme: Default

Also you have default colors set: image

Active Colour did not use to be orange

I want the OG 2016 colour scheme

maybe watch an OG 2016 video about Roblox Studio on YouTube or something, and you might find it

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