Default Emote Wheel

I’d like to be able to detect when and what emote players want to use via the default emote wheel. I’d prefer if it could be detectable from the server. If the wmote wheel doesn’t send anything to the server, let me know.

I do not know how to detect if a player is using an emote (or figure out which emote). I don’t know how to detect if a player uses an emote from the emote wheel. I can’t detect the avatar playing an emote because it’s R6.

I did a quick search (very broad) amd only got one good result. I also tried ChatGPT. It only had something about editing the animate script, but they meant emojis anyway.

Note: I am currently on my phone and away from home. I can’t really test until I come back.

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Emotes are entirely client sided as animations automatically replicate.

Afaik that behavior is implemented in the Animate script so you might want to fork it