Default loading screen still showing even with a Custom Loading Screen

I put this exact script in ReplicatedFirst for a second-place (a place that receives player teleport from the first place - Main Menu):

When I start the teleport to this second place, it’s still showing the default loading screen, and then it’s showing the custom loading screen:



How to avoid this default loading string?

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Why are you even commenting this???
Screenshot 2021-08-25 095957


It must be some mental frenzy, or else this user has been hacked.

Account probably compromised, if you look at their previous messages from 3 hours ago, it was WAY different than the new ones.

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I’ve flagged this user like 7 minutes ago on a different reply. I guess they got a bit mad after that and did this.

Not judging but nobody should act like this anywhere on Earth.

Wish the guy/girl luck honestly :neutral_face:

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how can she or he even say this dosent dev forum have tag system???

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its probably cause roblox removed it cause all the other popular games which would 100% have the same thing of removing it fail i think its just fixed there with no way of removing it

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It doesn’t. Anyway, let’s move past that. Report the message and let’s get back to the topic at hand of helping OP out here.

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OK I will Help OP But also i think they probably like removed the way to remove it and forgot to remove the code too or something i dont know

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I’m looking at it too. I don’t think they removed the code for it since the RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() method isn’t deprecated.

You could always try this and see if this fixes it. Set a custom teleport gui.

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yes i know but it only work when plaer teleports you know also not to mention RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() does infact reduce the time of the loading screen i think

This is why I sent the link to the SetTeleportGui.

Ohhh Sorry Bout That Didnt Saw It

@Qinrir @MrLonely1221

It definitely has nothing to do with Teleport.
I just created an empty game with just the loading screen script and the same happens.

If it does it in other places as well, then I think it’s just Roblox as they have to send the scripts and everything to the client when they load in.

The loading screen shows for the short time before the client has actually received the custom loading screen.

This is my inexperience, but in any case will this Roblox default loading screen ALWAYS appear, even for a short period of time?
No way to completely disable it?

RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() removes it, but again. The client doesn’t have your custom loading screen until they receive it over the internet from Roblox. So they have to show the default load screen for a split second until yours shows up.

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