Default Roblox Animation Plugin is misbehaving

When I try to save my animation, the action of saving the animation does not take place, and it is impossible to load animations either.

There are a lot of features in the animation plugin that does not work properely…

Multiple things are selected at a time in multi choice options like these.

It has begun happening a few weeks ago, around the 22nd of April, I cannot specify where it happens, since this bug follows me around every place I have.

I cannot get proof for the buttons misbehaving, as my PC is not advanced enough to even run a program that is not roblox itself to record videos, and since I can only record videos with the studio default recording feature, I cannot record the roblox-default animation plugin GUI.


Thanks for the report! In order to fully understand how you end up in that situation we will need some repro steps, can u do that?