Default Roblox cursor texture?


For some reason, I am not able to change a mouse cursor’s texture to the default one (Yes I’ve tried: “” and it still doesn’t work). This happens after I change the cursor previously and then try changing it back to the default one, does anybody happen to know the file name of the default cursor? (For example: “rbxasset://textures\GunCursor.png” “GunCursor.png” is the cursor’s name, I’ve tried “Cursor” and “DefaultCursor”).


That seems surprisingly odd…

That should usually work.
Here are some Solutions:
Copy the file, and use it.
Resetting Studio.

Hope that helps!


You can actually just do

Mouse.Icon = [[ ]]  --Weird formatting cuz I’m on my phone.

And it will reset to default. Just make it an empty string.


In normal string definition that is Mouse.Icon = "" :wink:

If you give it a full asset URL (without the numbers) it’ll end up thinking you’re trying to give it something. To show the default cursor, you have to make it clear that you aren’t linking to a custom one, and that is what the empty string is for.


I thought an empty string made it have no image at all?


Nope. As @EmeraldSlash explained, an empty string basically tells it to stop using any custom cursor icon.


You need to fix the slash like this:

If you put rbxasset://textures\GunCursor.png in the Properties window, Studio will auto-fix it to the right slash direction for you, but this doesn’t happen if you set the texture programmatically.