Defend The Train ALPHA - Version 0.0.3

Version 0.0.3 ALPHA
The second update to our newest game Defend The Train is now out. Changes in this update includes fixes to issues & improvements with performance.


  • Added new train upgrade (Salvaged Cart)
  • Added debris to guns
  • Added sounds to upgrade menu
  • Added Track Materials option
  • Added Gun Effects option


  • Fixed Train clipping not properly being enabled
  • Fixed mouse not ignoring other players when firing
  • Fixed train back clipping occasionally pushing players out
  • Fixed Cannonball player damage
  • Fixed shotgun damage not properly working
  • Fixed mobile aiming shooting below where intended
  • Fixed delay when shooting guns
  • Fixed Tag Enabled not saving

General Changes

  • Reverted enemy damage to scale every wave again
  • Increased vehicle health wave cap from 20 > 25
  • Increased wave time cap from 20 > 25
  • Updated M1911 model
  • Updated female versions of defaults
  • Improved track loading
  • Enemies can now switch between targeting the train & players after firing
  • Updated warning icon
  • Updated ads


  • @exwumm - Salvaged Cart Model
  • matteo19919, ZXEZX - Models
  • BriggeyBruh - Assets/Textures
  • 8eeni - Sound Effects
  • lacertoonie12, Minecraftian49, @pix0ne - New Ads

Version 0.0.3a
This patch fixes a few issues that appeared with the update.


  • Fixed M1911 reload animation
  • Fixed M1911 fire animation
  • Fixed Psycho’s outfit not properly loading

General Changes

  • Decreased vehicle health wave cap from 25 > 20