Defend The Train - Version 0.0.8

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Version 0.0.8 ALPHA (Christmas Update)
This update includes a small event alongside changes that go towards completion of the ALPHA state.


  • Added 2 new tracks (Gingerbread Forest, Retrowave [Night])
  • Added new upgrade (Heal Ring [Heal Gun])
  • Added custom loading screen
  • Added new enemy (Swat Van [Highway])
  • Added 3 new badges (Christmas 2020, Mass Destruction, Last One Standing)
  • Added new option (Shadows)
  • Added new special wave (Basebound)
  • Added wave clear screen
  • Added Game Over Jingle


  • Fixed train clipping not disabling instantly once the train has stopped
  • Fixed spectate not displaying proper binds
  • Fixed bullets hitting hats not counting as headshots
  • Fixed enemy hats occasionally blocking bullets
  • Fixed default Gunslinger & Medic skins not rendering properly

General Changes

  • Updated enemy targetting
  • Updated vehicles to allow switching lanes
  • Downgraded lighting technology from ShadowMap > Voxel
  • Reduced Long Jeep base health from 150 > 100
  • Reduced Long Jeep max health from 700 > 600
  • Hurt player’s tags will now be visible through walls for Medics
  • Updated M16 animations
  • Increased Heal Gun base firerate from 1.25s > 1s
  • Decreased M1911 spread from 5 > 3
  • Rates influenced by current player count will now be influenced by amount of players at the start of the wave
  • Enemy & Vehicle health increase rates are now also based on playercount
  • Decreased base vehicle health scale amount from 50 > 10
  • Set max vehicle health scale amount to 40
  • Decreased base enemy health scale amount from 25 > 0
  • Set max enemy health scale amount to 20
  • Magazines & Clips will now drop when reloading
  • Shell casings will now drop onto the ground instead of falling through
  • Set bullet cleanup time from 2s> 4s
  • Increased Medic XP multiplier from 2 > 3
  • Decreased M16A1 reload time from 3.2s > 2.29s
  • Decreased M16A1 max reload upgrades from 5 > 4
  • Decreased M16A1 reload upgrade increment from 0.4 > 0.2
  • Updated Ads



This mini-event marks the second release for the Christmas updates. The first one was released on Battleboards last week with the final one being RBLXWare soon to release.

Progress Report
For those wondering what ALPHA is expected to look like down the road, this update takes features off the list. If you would like to read my initial post on the state of ALPHA click here

This update completes the loading screen and the enemy AI changes. First person viewmodels and boss waves are expected to come out in the next few months with difficulty select being added at the tail end of ALPHA.

This event will end on January 4th, 2021.