Defend The Train - Version 0.1.4


Version 0.1.4 ALPHA
This update includes the addition of a few important & larger features that go towards the completion of the ALPHA state.


  • Added sprinting
  • Added crouching
  • Added stamina
  • Added custom walking animations
  • Added 2 new train upgrades (Ammo Boxes, Radar)


  • Fixed Heal Ring not displaying XP earned
  • Fixed enemy dummies occasionally using wrong sounds
  • Fixed ads & posters displaying incorrectly(?)

General Changes

  • Updated AI for enemy drivers
  • Weapons no longer have unlimited ammo
  • Enemies now have a ragdoll on death
  • Fog will now be disabled during intermission
  • Updated Ads



The major part of this update includes the addition of a basic moveset. Sprinting will be able to help players reach places quicker while crouching will offer more protection on certain parts of the train alongside allowing players to regain stamina faster. Shift can be activated by holding SHIFT on a keyboard or LT on a controller. Crouch can be toggled by pressing X on a keyboard or clicking the left thumbstick on a controller. In the future when we redo the settings UI we plan on allowing players to customize the controls. Sprinting and crouching will be disabled in the Classic gamemode.

The other large change made this update is changing weapon ammunition from being infinite to having a limited supply. Weapons that use this can have their ammo reserve refilled by pressing the reload key next to an ammo box. One ammo box will always be available at the front though two extra ones can be bought and placed closer to the back of the train in the Train Upgrades. The default ammunition supply is meant to hold players through the first few waves without the need for being near an ammo box. Ammo will remain infinite when playing the Classic gamemode.

The last notable change is a minor change to enemy drivers. If all of the passengers on a vehicle are killed and the driver uses a weapon, they will start to fire twice as fast. If the driver has no weapon or is not visible, the vehicle will now retreat instead of staying on the track like before.

Progress Report
What’s next for Defend The Train? Next update we plan on implementing a ready-up system to replace the current intermission that will have players ready up each wave with the first one starting the intermission timer. The more players that ready up the more time will be cut from the intermission until all players in the server are ready.

We also plan on adding a track information/warning bar to let players know what enemies are on the next track and the recommended class to tackle each of them.


Version 0.1.4a ALPHA
This patch fixes a few issues and includes some minor balance changes.


  • Added icons to mobile action buttons


  • Fixed Extra Sector not tracking damage taken
  • Fixed being able to refill & reload at the same time
  • Fixed rare softlock on a game over(?)

General Changes

  • Reduced Radar missing sector EXP increase increment from 200 > 50
  • Reduced Extra Sector missing sector EXP increase increment from 200 > 100
  • Reduced Radar base price from 400 > 300
  • Reduced Police Bike health cap from 775 > 225
  • Reduced Police Bike driver health cap from 247 > 150
  • Reduced Swat Van passenger health cap from 100 > 75


@BriggeyBruh - Button Icons