Defend The Train - Version 0.1.9


Version 0.1.9 ALPHA
This update adds a few new additions alongside some fixes, changes, and a few adjustments to the backend of the game.


  • Added new gamemode (Special Mania)
  • Added new special wave (Cart Swap)
  • Added new song (Upgrades)
  • Added new setting (Dark Chat Bubbles)


  • Fixed Missile Launcher appearance on the coal cart
  • Fixed Missile Launcher not updating when the owner leaves(?)
  • Fixed footstep sounds not playing with music turned off
  • Fixed UI sound effects not playing with music turned off

General Changes

  • Ragdolls will now be knocked back into the opposite direction they were shot from
  • Explosions will now cause the player’s body parts to fly apart from each other
  • Display names will now be shown in-game
  • Updated bubble chat to use the new system
  • Updated Ads



This update was a small release I was able to put out this week right before we start our Summer run this year while I had the time! We’re looking forward to putting out the Summer update for Defend The Train near the end of the Summer with one of the bigger hurdles to come over for our ALPHA to-do list!

I’m hoping we’ll be able to share some of the development real soon so stay tuned :call_me_hand:


Version 0.1.9a ALPHA
This patch fixes two minor issues from last update.


  • Fixed Extra Sector not killing players when blown up
  • Fixed join & leave messages not using display names
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