Defend The Train - Version 0.2.2


Version 0.2.2 ALPHA
This update serves as a bug fix & changes update to once again clear our plate for Halloween.


  • Added 2 new control settings (Spectate Last, Spectate Next)


  • Fixed Spectate UI overlapping Settings & Statistics
  • Fixed Retrowave being playable during the day
  • Fixed starting players not calculating correctly on Limited Respawns & Permanent Deaths
  • Fixed being able to have Extra Coal incorrectly enabled with the coal cart missing
  • Fixed Bandit Queen’s Turret Operator being able to shoot through the vehicle’s doors
  • Fixed Bandit Queen’s Cannonball & Rockets not colliding with the track ground
  • Fixed Swat Van passengers not firing correctly
  • Fixed Assault Rifle’s magazine occasionally loading incorrectly
  • Fixed Pistol’s clip not being visible
  • Fixed time changes not finishing if a boss wave is completed
  • Fixed visible seams on fog in Sky Islands, Cliffside, Canyon, and Industrial Canyon

General Changes

  • Reduced Missile Launcher base price from 2000 > 1500 EXP
  • Increased Missile Launcher price increase increment from 50 > 100 EXP
  • Adjusted enemy spawns on Highway
  • Double Trouble will now spawn extra minions during the Bandit Queen fight
  • Restricted Cart Swap if two or less sectors are left
  • Updated keybind displays to use shortened names or icons when appropriate


A patch for the game will be released on the 30th removing the Summer exclusive content from the game. Afterwards, we’re going to be completely focusing on the Halloween updates for our games.

Defend The Train is expected to have it’s Halloween update early October with it containing Halloween themed tracks alongside one of the remaining additions on our ALPHA to-do list. Thanks to the past 2 updates, this shouldn’t take too long to produce.

Battleboards’ Halloween update is expected to arrive in the middle of October. This shouldn’t take too long to produce either as it’s pretty much just adding new & returning Halloween themed content.

RBLXWare Halloween is expected to come around the tail end of October mostly serving as a general content update. New and returning Halloween content are confirmed to be added though a new Candy Hunt is currently not confirmed. One will be put into the production if we have the time to though this is a bit dicey because of school and Christmas work starting right in November.

see yall soon :skier:

Version 0.2.2a ALPHA
This patch removes the Summer content from the game.


  • Removed Seaside
  • Removed Aquatic Park

General Changes

  • Returned train to normal
  • Returned lobby to normal
  • Returned UI colour scheme to normal