Defend The Train - Version 0.2.4


Version 0.2.4 ALPHA
This update removes the Halloween content from last update and includes a handful of fixes & general changes.


  • Added new skin set (Halloween 2021)
  • Added special dialog for Vanessa on Half
  • Added warning message for when highscores stop tracking


  • Fixed backpack rarely not loading on join(?)
  • Fixed train health calculation rarely being able to malfunction
  • Fixed Missile Launcher’s owner not resetting on leave
  • Fixed multiple bosses rarely being able to spawn when using console
  • Fixed music settings sometimes not properly loading on join
  • Fixed custom audio previews playing in-game music when changing volume or ID during a preview
  • Fixed Hot Air Balloon’s bullet length appearing incorrectly
  • Fixed being able to get improperly killed by the track on Canyon
  • Fixed Racetrack ground texture appearing incorrectly


  • Removed Graveyard
  • Removed Pumpkin Valley

General Changes

  • Reduced Blimp cannon fire rate from 4s > 6s
  • Reduced Tourist Jeep’s max health from 600 > 500
  • Updated Extra Sector’s smoke effect to appear at 200 health instead of 100
  • Updated Extra Sector’s warning icon to appear at 100 health instead of 50
  • Players will no longer get teleported to an extra sector at the start or end of a wave
  • Players will no longer be respawned in Hive Mind if they were already playing the forced class
  • Particles attached to your character will no longer be visible in First Person
  • Enemy vehicle explosions will now move along with the track
  • Updated Explosion particle effect
  • Returned lobby to normal
  • Returned UI to normal



The Halloween 2021 mini-event is now over! Those who have completed the Graveyard track alive and earned the badge now have access to this year’s skin set. Unfortunately, Psycho’s shirt currently uses the default as the edited version was moderated and we do not have access to the file at the moment. This will be fixed sometime in the new year when Rifo is back from school.

For the game’s new logo, I’ve decided to push the change back until after the Christmas event is set to end. I was originally going to have it changed for this update, though because Rifo is currently away we’re unable to have finishing touches made. Though the blended revision of the logo won the community finals last month, we ended up deciding on using the Train version of the new logo as this was the one that was preferred by a large majority of the team as it looked less busy.

This version of the logo is the one we’ll be switching to though currently is a bit outdated and missing a couple of minor changes other revisions had.

In other news, we’re also currently working on this year’s Christmas update which is planned to include voteable train types and first person viewmodels. I’m expecting this to be finished by early December though I currently have no confirmation on that. After Christmas, I plan on catching up on all the accepted track submissions while also starting some work on the BETA update.

stay tuned :skier: