Defend The Train - Version 0.2.7


Version 0.2.7 ALPHA
This update adds in more track submissions alongside including the rest of our planned performance changes.


  • Added new special wave (Chained)
  • Added 2 new tracks (Hi-Tech Facility, Mount Blizzard)
  • Added new enemy (Biker [Jungle Outpost])
  • Added dialog to the Bandit Queen on game overs


  • Fixed softlock when getting a game over before enemies spawn
  • Fixed special wave rotation not resetting properly
  • Fixed bullets not ignoring glass shatter or explosion effects
  • Fixed Missile Launcher enemy spawn delay carrying over waves
  • Fixed Flying Robot being unable to damage the train or players
  • Fixed Bandit Queen turrets being unable to damage the train or players
  • Fixed Maplebrush Plains’ Sniper Jeep passenger not having a health cap
  • Fixed passenger target rates not working correctly
  • Fixed passengers being unable to catch on fire
  • Fixed Extra Sector explosion
  • Fixed low health warning tag not appearing correctly on the default Extra Sector
  • Fixed rockets facing the wrong direction on the Bandit Queen
  • Fixed sidebar not appearing if Sound Test was forcefully closed
  • Fixed special track tints being able to carry over to other tracks
  • Fixed Shotgun’s shells not appearing with Weapon Effects enabled
  • Fixed outlines on player list ready status icons
  • Fixed outlines on weapon model viewports


  • Removed Open Humvee far spawn points on Jungle Outpost

General Changes

  • Improved vehicle movement performance(?)
  • Improved performance of bullet ignorelists
  • Improved performance of destroyed vehicles
  • Improved performance of blown up enemies using R15
  • Increased brightness during the night
  • Rapid will now pre-determine the wave of tracks picked
  • Players will now teleport off an Extra Sector after a completed boss wave
  • Players will now heal back to full health at the end of a wave if playing solo or no Medics are present
  • Any class will now be granted a passive heal when playing solo
  • Tertiary items will now show up on a player’s playerlist icon
  • Another player’s playing status will now only show up when highlighting their icon
  • Updated sidebar playing icons
  • Updated gamemode icon for Standard, Limited Respawns, and Classic
  • Updated APC Model
  • Reduced Open Humvee’s Passenger max damage from 5 > 3
  • Reduced Open Humvee’s Passenger max shots from 10 > 6
  • Updated Ads




Performance Changes

This update includes the more notable performance changes I’ve had planned on our ALPHA to-do list. Vehicle movement has now switched to the same system the track movement moved to the previous update. The two are no longer using Roblox’s built in TweenService which surprisingly did end up being a factor in how the game ran while active tweens were playing on vehicles and more notably the track.

Bullet hit detection has also been updated to use collision groups for objects to ignore rather than manually collecting a list on equip. This one you’ll notice a lot more as you’ll no longer receive any sorta spike when swapping between weapons.

The last two performance changes done this update were just giving vehicles and R15 enemies the same treatment destroyed train parts got a while back which is only creating a handful of debris while instantly clearing the rest. This one is the smallest one out of the three.

Rapid Change

The Rapid gamemode was given a small change to include an extra sign in the lobby to tell players all of the tracks they’ll be running through before their next stop. This gamemode will be updated again to swap out the current lobby with a special alternate that only appears on non-full stop waves to remove extra details.

Progress Report

What’s the news? Not too much now actually!

With the planned performance parts out of the way, our focus is to now just catch up on the accepted track submissions that are yet to be added. This update included Hi-Tech Facility & Mount Blizzard alongside finishing Jungle Outpost. The next few updates should follow a similar path with the focus being on new tracks. If performance is still a huge issue for most devices after this update I’ll still continue to look into things as we work on track submissions.

Version 0.2.7a ALPHA
This patch fixes a few minor issues.


  • Fixed Basebound smoke not being ignored by weapons
  • Fixed Bandit Queen game over dialog lingering
  • Fixed Chained icon
  • Fixed Missile Launcher cleanup