Defend The Train - Version 0.3.5


Version 0.3.5 BETA
This update adds in a tutorial alongside a handful of new items.


  • Added tutorial
  • Added new train type (Training [VIP])
  • Added new weapon (FAL [Gunslinger, Primary])
  • Added 11 new skins (Gill Bros, Heisters, Cyber Slayer [Gunslinger], Plaid Lass [Gunslinger], Team Player [Gunslinger], Mountaineer [Gunslinger], Outlawed Freelancer [Gunslinger], Astronomer [Gunslinger], Hazmat [Medic], Cut-Throat [Psycho], Lars [Psycho])
  • Added 2 new styles (New Hire [Default], Organ Failure [Default (Gunslinger, Psycho)])
  • Added 3 new emotes (Conga, Cinderella, Laugh)
  • Added 2 new badges (Ratified, Dead On Arrival)
  • Added new gamepass (Extra Emote Slots)
  • Added new setting (Auto Reload)
  • Added new server setting (Special Tracks)


  • Fixed Chained
  • Fixed weapon bullets not firing if swapped between too quickly
  • Fixed weapons not being set to the proper reserve ammo on respawn
  • Fixed weapons in the backpack not restoring ammo on upgrade
  • Fixed Drone not dealing damage
  • Fixed Energy Drink having collisions on

General Changes

  • Adjusted position of ammo boxes on the Bullet train
  • Missile Launcher ownership will now be removed if the owner goes idle
  • Increased Dart Gun’s fire rate upgrade increment from 0.01 > 0.02
  • Increased Dart Gun’s reload speed upgrade increment from 0.2 > 0.3
  • Boba Blaster bubbles will now fade out as it decays
  • Nametags will now be coloured by class
  • Emote displays will now rotate in shop
  • Bulk purchase shortcut now works on shop items
  • Previous event tracks can now be forced in VIP servers
  • Reduced cash rates
  • Updated Navy Crew
  • Updated Sky Voyager
  • Updated Ads





The tutorial was the main focus of this update and is now available. Users will be prompted everytime they join if they’d like to take the tutorial if they do not already have the badge.

The tutorial will teach players each class’ specialty, how the train & it’s health works, and how to use upgrades which are all the fundamentals a new player would need to know. I don’t have any current plans on expanding things taught so the amount of time it takes to complete the tutorial remains minimal, but if there’s anything critical that people should know that isn’t already included then we’re open to feedback!

Upon completion, players are rewarded with the “New Hire” style for the default skins, which are supposed to represent what they looked like before signing with D.T.T Industries!

As a bonus, I’ve also thrown in the special train used during the tutorial as an actual train type you can play on in VIP servers! Objectively, it is the worst train with the front sector having 500 health and two 250 health flat sectors.


The FAL is a simple stat-swap to Gunslinger’s stock primary. This weapon offers a higher base damage per bullet at the cost of being less forgiving with it’s smaller clip size and slower reload speed. Originally, this was supposed to be included with 0.3.4 but had to be pushed back to this update instead.