Defend The Train - Version 0.3.6


Version 0.3.6 BETA
This update adds new weapons and changes a few things.


  • Added 3 new weapons (Quickshot Rifle [Gunslinger, Primary], Dead-Man’s Gambit [Psycho, Primary], Gasoline [Psycho, Secondary])
  • Added 7 new skins (Kingdom, Contraptions, Nightguards, Dub-stars, Gamer [Gunslinger], Fearless Slinger [Gunslinger], Pizza Boy [Psycho])
  • Added new style (Western [Gunslinger, Psycho])
  • Added new emote (Kazotsky Kick)
  • Added new control setting (Mode)
  • Added random skin option
  • Added tooltips to the voting screen
  • Added particle effect to Boba Blaster bubble pops
  • Added unique particle effect to the Energy Drink


  • Fixed controllers being unable to zoom with rifles
  • Fixed vehicle damage tests not applying weapon effects
  • Fixed tron bike not being listed as a stock enemy
  • Fixed missile launcher debris having collision
  • Fixed controllers on mobile causing two cursors to appear
  • Fixed extra sector contributing as a variable to the late game music

General Changes

  • Increased enemy spawn rate on Rapid
  • Healthbar updates are now instant
  • Late game music can now be transitioned to during a wave
  • Increased Second-Rate Sawed Off’s fire rate from 0.5s > 0.3s
  • Train Health option is now set to “Always” by default
  • Updated Plaid Lass
  • Updated player burning particle effect
  • Updated generic buff particle effect
  • Updated vehicle acid douse particle effect
  • Updated pointer
  • Updated tutorial instructions
  • Updated Ads



Next update will be coming next Wednesday on the game’s anniversary. It will include a couple more pending submissions before we get onto adding new tracks in the updates following that. The Anniversary style for the Default skins will also be available for free once again by joining on that day!


New Weapons

Quickshot Rifle
The Quickshot Rifle is a new primary for Gunslinger that grants a high firing speed in exchange for a low base damage. When damage is dealt, a focus meter is built up that can be activated at 100%. Once focus is activated, you are given a 30% damage increase, 50% fire rate increase, and completely immune to sway while the effect is active.

Dead-Man’s Gambit
The Dead-Man’s Gambit is a new primary shotgun for Psycho that has a higher base damage in exchange for slower firing speed and a smaller clip size. Critical hits are able to be stored when a teammate dies, a sector is lost, or each time you reach a certain damage threshold.

The Gasoline is a new throwable secondary item for Psycho that will douse vehicles hit in gas. Once any damage from any source is dealt to the vehicles doused, they will be set on fire for a set amount of seconds dealing a large amount of afterburn damage in the process.

Version 0.3.6a BETA
This patch fixes a few critical issues from the update’s launch.


  • Fixed boss waves not ending properly
  • Fixed crouching

Version 0.3.6b BETA
This patch pushes a few tweaks to the new weapons.


  • Fixed Dead-Man’s Gambit being droppable
  • Fixed Dead-Man’s Gambit being able to gain damage dealt on the damage tests during a wave
  • Fixed mobile occasionally not having crosshairs
  • Fixed mobile’s touch option sometimes not working
  • Fixed mobile crouch button displaying incorrectly

General Changes

  • Increased Quickshot Rifle’s base damage from 10 > 20
  • Decreased Quickshot Rifle’s max damage upgrade from 5 > 3
  • Increased Dead-Man’s Gambit’s critical gain from sector loss or player death from 1 > 2
  • Increased Dead-Man’s Gambit’s damage threshold from 600 > 800
  • Dead-Man’s Gambit can now toggle between using criticals via the Mode key