Defend The Train - Version 0.4.1


Version 0.4.1 BETA
This update adds a new track alongside a handful of fixes and changes.


  • Added new track (Temple)
  • Added new special wave (Secondaries Only)
  • Added new weapon skin (Banana [Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol])
  • Added 3 new skins (Masquerade, Frontline Attire, Midnight Riders)
  • Added 2 new settings (Instant Menus, Nametag Visibility)
  • Added new song (Late Wave [Special])
  • Added ability to edit upgrades for unequipped weapons
  • Added particle effect to Dart Gun projectiles


  • Fixed cash being able to be in decimals
  • Fixed shop price sales being able to include decimals
  • Fixed enemy health being incorrect on Pressure when playing on the Bullet train
  • Fixed Shotgun not having infinite ammo on Classic
  • Fixed backpack number keys not working if a controller was plugged in
  • Fixed incorrect emotes being displayed if switched at the end of an intermission
  • Fixed being able to clip through walls with Sad
  • Fixed equipped weapon skins not applying on Classic
  • Fixed Bandit Queen’s molotov not damaging players after initial impact
  • Fixed Zipline on Randomizer
  • Fixed jumping not working if stamina was too low while an infinite stamina effect was active

General Changes

  • Starting gamemode EXP will now be granted to joining players
  • Reduced AUG’s reload speed upgrade increment from 0.2s > 0.15s
  • Certain vehicles will now retreat if their special parts are destroyed
  • Increased cash rate
  • Increased Helicopter’s base health from 15 > 75
  • Increased Helicopter driver’s base health from 50 > 100
  • Increased Helicopter driver’s max health from 175 > 350
  • Updated ads



Apologies for such a long wait in-between updates! I decided to give myself a bit of a break and have only recently started getting back into the groove of things. This update was initially going to include some new Psycho and Medic weapons, though that’s been pushed for the next update instead as the models were taking longer than I initially hoped.

Next update should be out for next month while our bigger update containing the new boss is still slated for the late summer.

Version 0.4.1a BETA
This patch fixes a few issues from the update’s launch.


  • Fixed weapon ammo reserve breaking after Classic
  • Fixed tutorial prompt
  • Fixed inventory music transitioning late

Version 0.4.1b BETA
This patch fixes some more issues from the update’s launch.


  • Fixed softlock when loading Jungle Outpost
  • Fixed starting EXP not being given on Pressure and Rapid
  • Fixed Greenland Spirit
  • Fixed Handcar’s passengers ignoring the track kill trigger when boarded onto the train
  • Fixed Golem’s vehicle floating
  • Fixed Tag Enabled
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