Defend The Train - Version 0.4.2


Version 0.4.2 BETA
This update adds a new cosmetic item type, some items, and makes a few gameplay changes.


  • Added stickers
  • Added 2 new weapons (Scapegoat [Medic, Primary], Judge [Psycho, Secondary])
  • Added new upgrade (Explosive Shot [Boba Blaster])
  • Added 3 new weapon skins (Rolling Start [AUG, Mag-Fed Shotgun], Hunter [Quickshot Rifle], Toy Set [Quickshot Rifle, Micro Uzi])
  • Added 5 new skins (Fix-It Felines, Sub-Zero, Conductor [Gunslinger], Investigator [Medic], Conspiracist [Psycho])
  • Added new emote (Electro Swing)
  • Added new setting (Sticker Audio)


  • Fixed stamina depleting faster with an FPS unlocker
  • Fixed Dart Gun not using the extended player hitboxes
  • Fixed Enemy Radar not applying tags to enemies with custom weapons
  • Fixed special wave music incorrectly playing
  • Fixed kill triggers on Industrial Canyon
  • Fixed Mag-Fed Shotgun having collision
  • Fixed weapons being able to refill when full
  • Fixed Masquerade Medic’s accessories

General Changes

  • Ammo refills will no longer automatically reload your clip
  • Decreased Pop-N-Heal’s base recharge time from 12s > 10s
  • Expanded the Passenger train’s windows
  • Decreased base price of Weaponry from 600 > 400
  • Filled in Temple’s wave warning icons
  • Updated Medic’s class description
  • Updated ads





Stickers are a new cosmetic item type that will display a graphic from your head with an accompanying soundbite! They can be opened with T on keyboard and as a second page on the emotes menu with a controller. Currently, we added 4 that are available in the shop, one for beating the Bandit Queen, and another that is owned by default.

Sticker sounds can be turned off via the “Sticker Audio” setting.

New Weapons

The Scapegoat is a new Medic primary that allows you to place down a dummy that will divert the enemy’s attention! While any dummies are active and in sight of an enemy, they will instead choose to shoot at the dummy instead of your teammates or at the train.

The dummy has a healthbar that’s unable to be healed and will remain active until it’s destroyed or once a wave ends. If a player’s dummy is destroyed, they will be given a new one that they can place after a certain amount of time. Having more than two dummies active at once will cause the diversion to break and enemies will no longer fall for them.

The Judge is a new Psycho secondary revolver that offers a tight spread, fast firing speed and good damage. This weapon has an enemy damage divider like how the primaries do, so the stock Pistol or the Micro Uzi will be a better pick if you planned on being able to do some damage to enemies.

Boba Blaster

The Boba Blaster has received the “Explosive Shot” upgrade to make applying bubbles on crowded groups easier! With the upgrade purchased, you can now hold down your fire button and a charged shot will fire instead of a normal one. Charged shots will take up 2 shots in your clip.

Ammo Change

Ammo boxes will no longer restore your clip on refill. This was done to prevent getting an instant extension of your clip and effectively doubling it while standing on-top of an ammo box. Your reserve will continue to refill like normal with the amount of shots needed to fill your clip to full now adding onto your reserve.