Defend The Train - Version 0.4.8


Version 0.4.8 BETA (Christmas Update)
This update adds limited-time additions alongside a few features and fixes.


  • Added new track (Toy Room [Event])
  • Added new badge (Christmas 2023)
  • Added new weapon (Stun Gun [Medic, Primary])
  • Added 3 new skins (Ghosts of Christmas (Limited), Ugly Christmas [Gunslinger, Default] (Limited), Choco-kat [Medic] (Limited))
  • Added 2 new weapon skins (Snowman [Scapegoat] (Limited), Hot Chocolate [Dark Robloxian Roast] (Limited))
  • Added new emote (Jingle Ride (Limited))
  • Added new sticker (Chill Out (Limited))
  • Added gallery section
  • Readded Toy Workshop
  • Readded Glacier Palace


  • Fixed Limited Respawns
  • Fixed radius of train sector explosions on certain train types
  • Fixed vehicles not retreating if it’s passengers were killed before arrival
  • Fixed drivers with weapons not being counted as an active passenger
  • Fixed vehicle weapons being immune to the Enemy Radar
  • Fixed the Extra Speed upgrade being disabled after a sector loss on the Subway train
  • Fixed Bandit Queen’s turret not dealing damage
  • Fixed Classic Racecar’s passengers being immune to The Reel Deal
  • Fixed Greenland Spirit being immune to The Reel Deal
  • Fixed Pontiac’s passengers being immune to The Reel Deal
  • Fixed truncated EXP not ignoring critical bonuses
  • Fixed the Quickshot Rifle’s ammo reserve upgrade increment being incorrect
  • Fixed Permanent Deaths being available in Solo Mode
  • Fixed front clipping being mistakenly enabled on Cart Swap
  • Fixed the Gasoline’s projectile not accounting for skins
  • Fixed intense theme not playing correctly on the Combat and Subway train
  • Fixed Classic Bomber not removing joints on death

General Changes

  • Credit earned during a wave is now rewarded on game overs
  • The Huntdown’s charge can now be held forever
  • Melees can now hit vehicle objects
  • Reduced Senior’s health increment from 4750 > 4250
  • Reduced Snake base health from 25 > 10
  • Reduced Snake max health from 125 > 50
  • Updated UI colour scheme to Christmas
  • Updated lobby to Christmas



Defend The Train’s Christmas update is now out! An assortment of limited-time items have been added to the shop that can be purchased during the event. Completion of the Toy Room track will earn you the new badge which will award you with the Santa skin!

The Christmas event will end on January 24th, 2024.


New Weapon & Balance Changes

This update introduces the Stun Gun, a new Medic primary that as the name implies, will stun enemies on impact. Shots are extremely weak in damage output, though enemies will be unable to fire their weapon while stunned. Vehicle weapons will be affected as well if the passenger operating it is stunned!

The Huntdown is now able to be held indefinitely and will no longer automatically fire your shot if the maximum charge is reached. On-top of this, melees are now able to hit vehicle objects. This may sound pretty stupid on the surface as uhh… what are you going to do? Jump at a vehicle and hit it once?

While you can do that, the intent is actually just so hitting any objects that have a vehicle healthbar is now possible. Notable examples include the bombs on Void City (if you’re daring enough!) and the snakes.


The gallery section is a new extra feature that can be found in the break room. In here, a mega list of the game’s artwork, a character encyclopedia, and the sound test can be found. The artwork section features just about any concept, bonus, or promotional artwork that was created by a multitude of the developers throughout the game’s history.

The encyclopedia includes a list of characters and factions currently relevant to the game’s overall lore. Many characters currently have their game model on display as a placeholder as I intend to give each entry a piece of portrait art. An “Enemies” section is planned too which will feature a mega list of the game’s enemies and list out extra gameplay statistics that otherwise were never visible to players.

The sound test has also been moved here. Nothing has changed from before other than that you won’t be able to find it within the options menu anymore. Incase you aren’t already aware of what this is, the sound test menu let you listen to any of the music and sound effects in the game.

While the location of the gallery being in the break room may sound odd, this was because I intended on including an additional feature that would’ve resulted in spectate being exitable at any point while dead. I didn’t have time to include it in this update, so the one following this should explain as to why the gallery is currently located here.

Progress Report

What’s next? In the next few updates I plan on continuing the usual with the addition of some new weapon unlocks and tracks while sprinkling in a few smaller-scale features in-between. The next big feature I plan to start working on in the new year is the Campaign game type!

For those unaware, this is essentially Defend The Train with a set ending wave and a sorta “story” mission being given out. The campaigns planned at launch would be for Ghost Town and Forest and would basically be portrayed as if you were traversing from point A to point B after being given an objective. To differentiate Campaign from the Endless game type seen currently, Campaign is planned to have unique conditions being given out for the campaigns and some unique waves that are played differently from a normal wave (such as a mini-boss or a wave taking place while the train is stopped). More details can be shared as we start development!

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Version 0.4.8a BETA
This patch fixes a few issues from the update’s launch.


  • Fixed vehicle weapons being able to fire if it’s operator was cleaned up
  • Fixed the Elementalist and Frostmancer’s hats not counting as a headshot hitbox
  • Fixed Stun Gun not affecting the Elementalist, Frostmancer, and the Bandit Queen’s turret operator
  • Fixed critical bonuses on truncated EXP gain
  • Fixed the Stun Gun not distributing EXP

General Changes

  • Updated gallery


Changes available in new servers.