Deformable Meshes leading to long updateInvalidatedFastCluster calls

Hey! New to skinned meshes. We’re updating, on the upper end, 100 of these skinned meshes every frame.
However, sometimes for many frames at a time, we get these large updateInvalidatedFastCluster calls.

I do not think these are necessary because, often times, under the same work load, these fast clusters are not invalidated and everything renders just fine.

What are some ways we can help the Roblox engine know that it does not need to invalidate/create these fast clusters? And if they are necessary, it would be nice to know how to help Roblox do so as quickly as possible.

updateInvalidatedFastClusters (from what I know) will only run if a part/mesh gets de/parented under a model with a humanoid. Believe the only way around this is to not parent the skinned meshes under a character/humanoid or reduce the complexity

If these meshes aren’t under a humanoid, what I said above doesn’t apply

Edit: Based on this post, skinned meshes use fastclusters even if it is not in a humanoid. Documentation is missing this info