Degrees between vectors

Hello devs!
I doing bullets script for my game and i wanted to do rickoshet when degrees between old and new vectors is >45 but i got a problem, i tryed to find some formules about this and i find it but this dont work for me, maybe i doing something wrong?

function understandRickoshet(Vector,Normal)
	local NewVector = (Vector-(2*Vector:Dot(Normal)*Normal))
	local GradusesBeetwenVectors = 180-math.deg(math.acos(((Vector.X*NewVector.X)+(Vector.Y*NewVector.Y)+(Vector.Z*NewVector.Z))/(math.sqrt(Vector.X^2+Vector.Y^2+Vector.Z^2)*math.sqrt(NewVector.X^2+NewVector.Y^2+NewVector.Z^2))))
	if GradusesBeetwenVectors > 45 then

Numbers which this function returns sometimes looks like true but then its brokes.
Sorry for my grammar

First, you can simplify a bit with Unit and Dot:

-- I'm assuming Normal is already a unit vector
local NewVector = Vector - 2*Vector:Dot(Normal)*Normal
local angle = math.acos(Vector.Unit:Dot(Normal)) -- in radians

Also, you’re checking if the angle is <45 degrees because of your 180- part, is that what you want? I would think that ricochets happen when the reflection and the incidence are large angles:

if math.deg(angle) > 45 then

Maybe these will fix your issues

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Same problem

function understandRickoshet(Vector,Normal)
	local NewVector = Vector - 2*Vector:Dot(Normal)*Normal
	local GradusesBeetwenVectors = math.deg(math.acos(Vector.Unit:Dot(Normal)))
	if GradusesBeetwenVectors>45 then
		script.ScreenGui.TextButton.Text = "Rickoshet"
		script.ScreenGui.TextButton.Text = "No Rickoshet"

How do you call this function? What are Vector and Normal?

Your reflection vector should be:

local Reflection = BulletDirection - 2 * BulletDirection:Dot(SurfaceNormal) * SurfaceNormal

I cann this function when bullet hit something, Vector that’s bullet vector at hit moment and Normal is vector’s normal

CurObj,CurEndPos,CurNormal,CurMaterial = workspace:FindPartOnRayWithWhitelist(*Bullet.PenetrationPower,-Bullet.Vector*Bullet.PenetrationPower),{HO})
if CurObj then

That’s start of shooting trough walls script

This already works like this because BulletDirecton is “Vector” and SurfaceNormal its “Normal”

I made a small typo:

local angle = math.acos(Vector.Unit:Dot(Normal))

should be

local angle = math.acos(Vector.Unit:Dot(NewVector.Unit))

But that would just cut the angle in half it wouldn’t break it.

Maybe the bullet is just penetrating the wall when you’re looking head-on and the raycast is skipped?

I tested this code which raycasts from the camera to the mouse and shows the angle and it seems to be working like I expect:

Expand to see code I used
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local character = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
local mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
local label = player.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.TextLabel

local function understandRickoshet(Vector,Normal)
	local NewVector = Vector - 2*Vector:Dot(Normal)*Normal
	local GradusesBeetwenVectors = math.deg(math.acos(Vector.Unit:Dot(NewVector.Unit)))
	label.Text = string.format("%d", GradusesBeetwenVectors)

	local ray =, mouse.UnitRay.Direction * 999)
	local CurObj,CurEndPos,CurNormal,CurMaterial = workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(ray, {character})
	if CurObj then

Vectors are close to aligned when I just graze the surface:


Increase as I move to more perpendicular:


Up to 180 degrees in the middle:

You can try using the Lua debugger to step through your code and see if things make sense to you. Or add some print statements :slight_smile:

You was right i just sended back normal from shooting trough walls script :neutral_face:
lmao, also thanks