Dehiscent Security Group Guidelines

Dehiscent Security Group Guidelines

Promotion System
“Tallies” are earned by participating and winning events in sessions.
Warrant Guardsman is the Maximum Rank you can get from Tallies.

Recruitment Guards are hand picked from the Dehiscent Team
Helping the Trainers or Recruitment Guards will result in higher probability of  RG+

Rules / punishments

Disobeying any of the rules under any circumstance will result in a punishment. Being from a Warning - Demotion - Kick - Ban - Blacklist


A-1 - False accusations are not tolerated. (False accusations against other trainees or higher ranks)

A-2 - Trainees are not allowed to request trainings on the group wall

A-3 - Comply with the trainer during trainings.

A-4 - No security member is to overreact (This includes spamming “Hi” or Sir", or constantly following) when a high rank enters a server.

A-5 - No wearing hats or other that block the user’s avatar.

Demotion / Tallie Loss

B-1 - Threatening other trainees or trainers

B-2 - Trainees must not speak unless told. The ability to speak is acceptable during events. [ “PTS” is allowed and can only be used for valid reasoning. ]

B-3 -  Disrupting trainings. [Consistently getting out of line, Spamming, General Disruption]

Kick / Ban

C-1 - Toxic behaviour against another group member

C-2 - Excessively breaking the rules

C-3 - Doing exploitive glitches and third party exploits are eligible for being exiled

C-4 - Leaving the primary group is an automatic kick

Blacklisted - Banned across all groups

D-1 - Any attempts to crash or destroy the Facility is an automatic Blacklist

D-2 - Leaking private messages of HRs+

D-3 - Leaking fake private messages of HRs+

TH (Trainer Helpers)

E-1 - Obey every order given by the Trainer

E-2 - RDM on innocent Trainees without reason is unacceptable

E-3 - Do not act like you have power over other Trainees

Trainer Rules

F-1 - RDM on innocent Trainees without reason is unacceptable

F-2 - Promotions are required at the end of every training

F-3 - Co-Hosts have less say than the Original Trainer

F-4 - EX Members are allowed to observe and help out the trainer if they want

Two TH is the maximum amount of helpers.


- Dehiscent is not strict when it comes to Uniforms for [LR] & [MR] Ranks.
   *May change in future*
- No wearing hats or other that block the user’s avatar.