Delete all wall posts from a User that has left the group


I’m not sure if this is a bug or just something Roblox has not implemented yet but we should be able to delete ALL wall posts from a certain user which has left the group, Right now this function will only occur when you Exile a member that is already in the group to delete all their wall posts. I find it annoying when when I accept a bunch of people and a handful of them turn out to be bots and decide to spam the group wall.
Then they leave and the Exile User button no longer works on guests with the delete all wall posts button ticked.


This would be a feature request because this functionality has never existed. Would be nice but I don’t really see the use case. If it is bots, then you may want to create your own bot since you would have to clear 1 post per user.


No idea how to make a bot :/, Moved to platform feedback.


Fwiw I’m pretty sure you can delete all the wall posts from a user who is no longer in the group by using the v1 api.

I’m not 100% sure since I don’t own any groups I can test with, however try using!/Wall/delete_v1_groups_groupId_wall_users_userId_posts and see if it works.

Regardless, this should be an easily accessible feature.


Don’t use a wall! They aren’t worth the hassle. Use a Discord


it’s very difficult to promote a group discord, especially if you don’t have a popular game.

the group wall is necessary


Then what do you need a group wall for? Studios effectively use Discord, clans effectively use Discord. Those are the two main types of group. If your Discord isn’t doing very well then you’re not doing your job as a studio effectively which is to make popular games, or you don’t have a tightly knit clan.