Delete Game/Place Option on Place Edit Dropdown

Archiving is the solution to this; it was released to be the solution to the problems not being able to delete games created.

The archive is meant as a place to dump everything you’re unlikely to ever use ever again. It’s up to you to decide how to use your archive ultimately, but the intention is that you put everything that is not useful to you into the archive so it never gets in your way, and in a crisis you can fetch it back at any time.

Roblox is a platform with a userbase that is predominately very young, and with issues that have in the past lead to social engineering against Roblox support defeating 2FA, poor password security letting attackers into high-profile developers’ accounts, and phishing attempts tricking users into sharing secret keys and tokens that allow attackers to steal their items.

It is not possible in good conscience to provide the ability to permanently delete places (even with a 30-day delay before they are wiped, since an attacker might just lock you out, and support has such a long turnaround time that you are likely to run out of time before they can help you). Given the platform’s demographic, history, and its current issues, this is simply a bad idea.

Use your archive as a trash bin. This is effectively the purpose of it.

You should clearly state your problems with archiving, and how it does not satisfy your needs. No hypothetical “it will eventually get in my way”; that is not an argument that justifies your feature request. All of the arguing in this thread does not make a motivation to do this clear to engineering.


I can’t believe that the standards are so low that we need to use an archive as some sort of psuedo-trash bin. More so, archiving places doesn’t actually scale so, I’m against using a psuedo-trashbin.

Archive, from a historical standpoint, is meant to save things that you have the intention of saving not remove places out of view for the sake of clarity. This is a poor (& almost misleading) intention if this is truly the case.

Again, I do not think that a niche group of people who’ve lost their accounts on their own accord should be the base argument against this feature. Almost every platform that shares some similarity (instagram, facebook, etc) has way to archive & delete posts. They also have a variety of users and have the same issues that Roblox has. If all these platforms can do it, it’s safe to say that Roblox could.

This falls short in the context of a user who has never been attacked. I’m literally, in all seriousness, suffering because of the ignorance of a niche group of people on the platform. That should never be part of an engineering decision especially when control over the account falls under the user and not myself nor the company the account lives on.

Only on Roblox can you find that an archive has now been repurposed to a trash-bin. lol

Simply put, it takes the clutter in one place and transfers it over to another. Now, instead of using an archive like it’s supposed to be used, I have two places that are cluttered and I’m better off making a new account so that I have less clutter. Even though, I could eliminate all my problems by remove the place that I intend to remove and keep my normal account. If you have to make a new account to avoid this, that’s a clear and blatant sign that this is bad UX.

Do you actually browse your archive? Is using it in this manner actually a problem? You should not archive games you particularly care about.


You kinda just walked around answering half my questions.

This exactly makes my point. It happens everywhere. So you saying “Just don’t click links” is just a poor way of explaining how to not get hacked. Theres millions of other ways people get hacked. The bigger developers getting hacked, you completely ignored the problem I raised with it, if anything you proved my point. Larger accounts are more susceptible to experienced hackers trying to gain access. And if there was ever a massive leak of data from Roblox, then the site would basically be ruined with the amount of games being removed.

So 9/11 was the airlines fault? We can take it one step further. What happens when you’re in a car crash. Do you blame the manufacturer? Yes if the cars faulty, but 99% of the time there’s other reasons for a problem to occur. Could you imagine if you got hacked and emailed Roblox for your account back and they return with “Soz, your fault. Goodbye” You wouldn’t just go ye they’re right, my fault, goodbye Roblox. You’d be pissed. Fuming. Irrelevant if it’s your fault or not. Cause you can always argue for more safeguards on Roblox’s end. 2 step really does nothing.

You still didn’t answer how it will catch up to you. You keep saying it’ll catch up to you, but how? why? If you archive 100 places, 1000 places, doesn’t matter. It’s called don’t go looking through your archives. These places aren’t just gonna suddenly appear back in your developer page again at random. They are gone, outta the way.

You do realise, <1% of games on Roblox use external data stores. <1% of developers know how to use external data stores. <1% of developers have the money to afford external datastores.

Think of archiving as putting something in the trash on your PC. I haven’t emptied my trash in several years. Never know when I might want something from it back. I don’t go digging through the trash everyday tho. Once it’s there, I forget about it. But it’s always there if I need it.

If my account got hacked, I can still revert place history, still have all my data, place visits, favourites, likes, analytics. Everything. That wouldn’t be the same if a Delete place feature was added. Years of hard work, could be erased in 30 seconds. I struggle to see how you can sit there and see that as a positive. There’s literally nothing positive about that. No argument for it. End of story.

Can we just get this topic locked, it’s a bad suggestion and is just gonna lead to arguing and get no where (idk who to tag)


You may want to think of a compromise if you still insist on having this kind of feature.

It is very hard to argue against account security concerns coming with forever lost content if this became a feature.

Otherwise, I believe just treat archive as the trash bin it is. It probably isn’t ideal but if a great amount of devs would worry over more security for their content than convenience and full control of deleting assets or games, maybe it’s not worth it on this platform.

Roblox is more restricted in ways like this because of a higher security concern.

And that should be changed. It’s not our developer’s fault that Roblox security isn’t the best.

If we want to delete our own content on the platform, we should be able to. Younger players who can’t deal with is isn’t my problem. And I’m pretty sure the majority of professional developers isn’t that young and understands that once something is deleted, it is gone forever.

If a roblox staff member makes that same argument point that anyone compromised can lose precious work, you really will have to persuade them than just that it’s their fault.

I do want the ability to delete stuff though but I find it hard to counter the content security argument myself because saying it’s their fault isn’t convincing in my view.

I do.


I’d archive games that have value to me so, that I can reference it back. If I put everything into an archive and forget about it, it makes it that much harder to find old work if I need to reference off of it. In addition, if I want a place deleted, I no longer want to see it. I think that saving places (that most people don’t touch) takes up space (data) for essentially no reason. If Roblox were to cut back and allow us to delete places that we want to delete, storage would have less of digital footprint.

The argument that “oh hey, we really love our places but, we’re gonna throw them into archive and never touch them ever again” makes next to no sense.

Same for the account security argument here. Putting more security is not how you deal with this issue nor is it fully possible to solve the issue of account theft.

If you willingly give your account information away to some stranger on the internet, no amount (depends on what is obtained) of security can prevent that. It’s unfortunate that account security is actually an argument here especially when the user is at fault. This thread feels like a load of excuses from users supporting to notion that taking accountability for the loss of their own account due to their own mistakes is somehow seen as Roblox’s fault and the only solution that they see fit is to add restrictions that worsen UX and doesn’t fix the issue. This on its own tells me shows me the inexperience and makes it hard for me to take those responding is such manner seriously.

Sites have backups of data so, if that did happen, they could roll back. There are a million of ways to get hacked but, given your information to random people on the internet in exchange for goods is the cause for most. Phishing targets desperation. They use the desperation of kids to lure them into giving away their information. This in itself proves that the user is a fault.

I actually had someone close to me die in 9/11 (I am from NY) and I do not appreciate you using that as an example to mock me. To answer your question, it’s a combination of the airline failing to put proper security measures in place to combat the inside of the airplane and the failure of airport staff to locate and identify threats.

If a car crashes, it’s more than likely the driver’s fault which actually proves my point and not yours. Very rare cases exist where the vehicle failed to operate at a capacity that is safe. Once you buy a car, you sign a lease and the car becomes your responsibility. Meaning that the car can’t legally take blame for your own actions. Same can be applied to Roblox.

They should do this more because, maybe people would actually start treating their accounts with priority instead of blaming Roblox for their own actions. If you can’t take accountability for your own actions, you’ll lose more than one account down the long road of life.

I’d be old enough to understand where it went wrong and not make the same mistake again. If I made the same mistake twice, that would have a worse impact than making it once and learning from it so that it never happens again. This whole thing sounds like childish entitlement which is not something I support at all.

Correct because whether you like it or not, you lost your account due to your own failure to make better choices. There is no way out of that. Either you accept it or you act entitled and continue to make the same mistakes.

You can’t put safeguards in place if users are willingly giving their information to random people on the internet. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

lol what. 2 step wouldn’t be a standard if it did nothing. Multiple people have been saved by 2 step and I don’t know where you got this from or what pointed you to thinking this.

I don’t realize that because those percentages are made up and are backed by zero evidence. Therefore, baseless and irrelevant.

That’s a pretty bad practice. You must have a lot of wasted space on your pc given that you don’t delete stuff that you no longer need.

Key word is “if”. If you don’t get your account hacked, none of that happens and the solution to this issue magically works out perfectly fine therefore creating the argument and making this quote look rather naive.

Ah yes, the solution to all of our issues. Lets just close a thread because you disagree with it and a forum is only about your opinion. This behavior of shutting down people you don’t agree with is the prime reason why this forum is hard to take seriously anymore. I can’t have a decent discussion without someone feeling entitled or bringing up points that don’t make any sense.

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Why are you archiving games that you value and still use? Clearly, you do not understand the purpose of archiving games.

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I think a staff member would be smart enough to realize that placing safeguards to act as account security would be nullified if you willingly gave your account information out to some random person on the internet. It’s a weird misconception that safeguards can protect those that have been hacked when the safeguards that would be in place wouldn’t actually help since the user willingly gave their account out to someone else.

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I don’t still use it but, it has value to me since I can reference back to it later. I put it in archive since I don’t want to delete it but, I want it out of my view.

Archiving works by saving stuff that you don’t want to delete but, you no longer need in your view. Delete works by removing places that no longer serve a purpose and will not be referenced back to later on. Both, in this context, are derived from data storage and the concept of space. If used improperly, like how Roblox does it, space is taken up for no reason.

Before you use the word “clearly” like you think you know what you’re saying, you should probably research it beforehand. It would save us both some time and I wouldn’t feel attacked.

Yes, this is the purpose of archiving. However, in your last post, you made it sound like you are constantly searching your archives for games you use and value.

I am sorry if you feel attacked, that was not my intention. However, if you did do your research beforehand then you would not have created this feature request because engineers have already stated already why this feature will never happen.


Bruh you’re the one who brought up the idea of hijacking being the airlines fault

So don’t pull the victim card on yourself mate. I’ll use a more broad analogy them. If some gets stabbed with a knife, would you blame the knife making company, for their knives being too sharp? Sound like one of those people who sue Macca’s for giving you health problems. Here’s hoping you haven’t been stabbed or got health problems, wouldn’t want you to think I’m mocking you in those either

What % of developer do you believe use offsite datastores? Unless it’s 100% then your argument is invalid. I don’t need a scientific study to know that those numbers are more than likely accurate. There’s billions of places on Roblox. Some people have 500-600 places on their profile. I can guarantee than <1% of places on Roblox use external datastores. Yes, I am including empty baseplates and all that too. It’s a place none the less. So my statistic of <1% is valid.

Got plenty of both long and short term memory. Not a waste of space.

My argument here is, the risk vs reward is so unevenly balanced. The reward being it empties up your profile. The risk is you lose your entire life’s work on the site in 30 seconds.

You love to shift the blame onto the user here, why don’t you put the blame on yourself for making hundreds of places which you don’t use? I only have about 50 places, and whenever I make something new, I just overide an old place. And if it’s a place I don’t use and never will use, I archive it. Like any normal human would do. Never have to see it again

I’m still waiting for you to explain how it’ll “Catch up to me” :rofl:


Bold of you to assume that every hijacking is related to 9/11. It’s not a victim card. It’s being a respectful human being to another human that lost someone in a tragic event.

I’m so confused. I don’t know what this example or what you’re saying has anything to do with the thread. Also, I don’t appreciate you hiding your little dig at me.

I don’t know. I don’t have concrete evidence to support a percent. However, PF uses an external database for some stuff so, that’s one top game that I know for certain.

For a statistic to be valid, it has to be backed up by data that supports what you say. You stating a percent off the top of your head and declaring it as valid doesn’t hold any value.

Average person doesn’t have that.

Perfect. Let me blame myself over the course of a decade for using the platform as it was meant to be used.

Ok. 1 game. Out of billions of places. Pretty sure 1 / 1000000000 is <1% if I’m not mistaken. There’s your research.

Doesn’t cost anything on your computer to have a million places on Roblox.

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One game that I know off. There’s probably more than one which means realistically it would be higher than 1%.

Doesn’t cost me money but, it costs me my time, my sanity and my will to continue to stay on the platform.

If we take only games as an example
1% of 40 million is 400,000. I’d bet my life that even 1/1000 of those places use external datastores. You clearly are oblivious if you truely believe a lot of people use external datastores.

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This isn’t actually on-topic to this thread. So, I’m going to make this my last response to you.

Oh sorry, 2 years ago. Could probs double that number them. My point still stands.

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