Delete option disappears upon clicking it

Hello there,
I found a problem in the forum. Here is the bug report:

Issue: The option to delete topics disappears when the option to delete answers is clicked.
It Should Happen: pressing delete will get an undo option. It is automatically deleted after 1 hour.
Issue Start Date: 08/20/2021

Here are the screenshots in order:

Click on delete option:



Also happening on my end. If you didn’t understand it clearly, when you press the delete button once, the second time you try to do it, the button will be gone, and the message won’t be deleted.


You deleted my topic, so I might as well try and get this one looked into.

And as @Hooksmith stated in my topic about the gateway issues earlier…

I still can’t delete my comments. Does this problem happen to others too? :confused:

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Hey, thanks for the report. I tried a couple of times to reproduce this issue, unsuccesfully. Is it still happening on your side?

I am still having the issue as of yesterday.

I see. In that case I will file a ticket to our internal database and let an engineer take a look at this. I’ll come back when we have updates.


As you can tell, this issue isn’t very impactful and has an easy workaround (refreshing), hence it hasn’t been prioritized. The report can stay open but this isn’t likely to get more priority soon since it’s such an edge case, also this would have to be addressed in the Discourse code base and is not Roblox-specific.