Delete post feature should be added

Hello guys!
I think a delete post feature should be added. Cuz one time is was spamming messages, but I couldn’t delete them. Plus I like to organize my posts in a neat way so don’t you guys think a delete feature should be added next to the flag sign?



You can “delete” posts by manually flagging it yourself and telling a moderator to take it down.


I agree. But It’s a really long process. So I don’t think that should be it.

It’s not that hard. It takes 30 seconds at most.

Yes. But the mods won’t come right away to delete your post right? it might take minutes to hours just for a mod to come. Whereas if there would be a delete feature, then it would be deleted with 2 clicks.


It has been asked for many times and many times again it has been said that this is intentional in order to preserve the topics so people who do need it don’t go clutter up the forum with the same stuff.


Tbh it’s kinda selfish to delete topics, which can contain some useful information for many other users. If you made some trash topic, don’t be afraid! Everyone makes those now and then.

Yup. This feature could come in handy. And don’t spam messages :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No, deleting public posts is improper forum etiquette. You are not just posting for yourself but also for people with similar issues / interests in the future that are reading the forum. This is not a chatroom, it’s a resource and discussion medium. If you don’t like this format then you should use Discord or similar to communicate instead.

For private messages, you can leave the private message or archive it to move it out of view.


only found this place though google results, strongly disagree

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