Delete Roblox's Healing System?

I wanted to remove the health script but when I did it, it was still in game


how can I delete that annoying script?

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Maybe in StarterCharacterScripts just make an empty Script caled ‘Health’.


Were you deleting this on a local script? All you have to do is destroy it in a server script and it’s gone.

it disables it but it enables it somehow in game

This is how you can achieve this in Roblox Studio (add empty ‘Health’ script in StarterPlayer > StarterCharacterScripts):

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You can also listen for CharacterAdded and disable ‘Health’ Script, like this:

		character:WaitForChild("Health").Disabled = true

nevermind removing as somehow works that is typescript though not lua so don’t be like me if you are coding ts files

You generally shouldn’t be disabling scripts like this, just do what was mentioned above and make an empty Script called “Health”, this will overwrite the default one with the blank one.

For example this still runs

script.Disabled = true

while true do

I don’t know how it works but it has to do with how coroutines work i guess

I don’t think you can disable the script from the same script.

You can, you just can’t rely on the behavior of disabling scripts.

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It would be better if you ran a destroy function on the script, and thats all you would have to do.

By the way, I’ve a question. What app is it that you’re coding on?

Edit: If it was a wrong reply I’m sorry.

VSCode with typescript and compiled through roblox-ts

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Just like @Jermartynojm said, you should make an empty script named Health.

That is not reliable at all, cause the other health script will still work. They just have to run a destroy function on it, although they have already solved this.

No, overriding the Script is better than destroying it.

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If the methods in the posts above doesn’t work, you should add this script into ServerScriptService:


Put a script in called “Health” in StarterCharacterScripts, and that should fix your problem.

This is just a duplicate of my message, right here:

The only difference is that I disable the script and use CharacterAdded.

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Sorry, I didn’t see your message.

I also used CharacterAdded.