Deleted Group Roles Show up as null on Group Audit Log

What’s the problem?
The group audit log does not show the name of roles that have been deleted. The image below shows a log of a group member rank change from a role that is null.


What should be happening?
The audit log should be keeping the name of the role in the log. Deleting a role in a group should not affect the audit log. I can’t review actions taken by other Roblox users who changed roles in the past because of this bug.

How do I reproduce this bug?

  1. Create a role or pick a role that already exists in a group.
  2. Pick a member and change their role to the role you picked for #1.
  3. Change the role of the member again to a different role than the one you chose in #1.
  4. Delete the role you chose from #1.
  5. Check the audit log and the role name will show up as null.
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I think that’s not a bug. Since the role is deleted, this role doesn’t exist in the Roblox servers anymore.


Since deleting and adding ranks is likely not that common of an operation, it would be better if they simply kept storing the deleted ranks (but mark them as deleted in the relevant DBs) so that this can continue to work properly for old log items (but perhaps it can say that the rank is deleted on the log, for clarity).

Alternatively they could replace null with <deleted>.