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This Portfolio has been deleted.
Please check my new one ElectricalSpy/DevExSpy's Portfolio, experienced scripter with over 6+ years of experience .


Happy. I need your help. Are you a good story game developer

Interested, need some scripting done. I live in the UK, but my discord is Fernyhough#0001; I sent you a request.

The name of your soccer game is the same as mine lol

Take a look into tweening, it will really help with making you’re stuff go from looking, meh to woha. It’s also something really easy to do.


I was quite satisfied hiring this individual. He created a system exactly how I wanted, and he was very patient with me as I was confused on various stages working on the project. Along with that, he’s very nice with you. I highly recommend him for whatever you may need.


COOL MAN! He is very fast at his work, got my request done within seconds! Funny guy and great prices for his skill set. You won’t regret hiring him.


Spy has been amazing and reliable. He would help me with problems, while we didn’t even know each other. He’s always been amazing in that way. I asked him if he would be willing to work with me. Except the downside was that I wouldn’t be able to pay him asap. He agreed. Crazy, I know, He’s stuck with me since. I highly recommend him and his services. I have no complaints.

Not satisfied at all with his work. He left mid-project and barely worked on the project. I would not recommend him based on my experience.

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You should have not took the job then

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