Deleting clones problem!

So I created a clone script that clones the player but I want that if the player steps on a part all his clones get destroyed well the problem is I cant see if its a real player in the workspace or the clone does anyone know if theres a way to see it?

You can try changing the name of the clone and parent each clone into a new folder inside the workspace.

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You can check who stepped on the button by finding the name of the character model, then you can check if this character exists in game.Players

do you have any clue why this line doesnt work on a dummy/character?


What you can do is that to check first if what you are removing is actaully existed. You can imply print it out like this.


If it is what you want to remove, you can use Destroy() to remove it. You can also set a condition using if-else statement to prevent removing things accidentally.

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