Deleting keyframes while playing sets scrubber time to nan:-9223372036854775808

Hello! So while making animation I noticed an incident when i tried to delete all the keyframes in an animation while it was playing and it set the scrubber to nan:-9223372036854775808. The most annoying thing is when this happens, you are unable to move any part of the body, or do anything in the animation editor. Look at this video example I made:


As you can see, when I deleted the keyframes it set the scrubber to the number above. Here are steps to reproduce if you cannot watch the video.

Insert a R15 Rig.
Open the animation editor and select the rig.
Set two keyframes away from each other.
Loop and play the animation.
While it is playing, select both keyframes and delete it at the same time.
You’ll notice the time scrubber changes to nan:-9223372036854775808 and you can move any part of the body.

Lets hope this gets fixed soon, thanks for reading.

Hey @ScytheSlayin, I’ve already got a fix coming for this! Should be live tomorrow!


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