Deleting more than instance at a time often causes Studio to crash

If I delete more than one instance at a time, it will often cause studio to crash. I find this happens in any place file, with any combination of instances, regardless of class or ancestry. To avoid it, I usually just delete each thing one by one.

Repro steps:

  1. Open a new place in studio
  2. Create 2 or more new Parts. (just using Parts for the sake of example – any combination of instance types should work)
  3. Select all the created parts and delete them.

It seems to happen more when deleting larger quantities of instances (like, even increasing the number of instances from 2 to 5 made it more frequent). I’ve also found that the bug can occur when destroying multiple instances at once via a plugin or command bar.

This has been happening since about February 2019, I just haven’t gotten around to formally reporting it until now. It happens pretty frequently, but only on my macbook. I suspect it might have something to do with Mojave? I’m not totally sure – I also haven’t run into anyone else with the same issue.

Here’s my computer specs:

Does it also happen with all plugins disabled?

I disabled every plugin (including removing the ones in my Plugins folder) and it still happens :frowning:

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This can be related to your local settings. Did you try restoring default Studio settings? In Settings dialog, click “Restore All Settings” and restart Studio.

I tried restoring my settings and it didn’t fix anything unfortunately :frowning:

I am having the same problem!
Deleting more than 10 instances at once 100% crashes the studio.

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