Deleting posts happens immediately instead of taking 1 hour

After the most recent Discourse update, if you delete a post this will happen:

And when you refresh the page the post will be completely gone. Other users will see your post disappear immediately.

Previously this would take an hour and you could un-delete your post any time within that hour.


Do you have a video about it?

There is no option to delete messages for me. I have to report every time.

Maybe it’s because you’re a leader.

Do you mean replies, or topics? Topics have different rules for deletion.

There is no error message. When I click it, the delete option disappears. It happens in topics and answers.

I think you need to provide a video, normal users should be able to delete their own replies.

I think your problem is this:
Probably updated for quick delete. Leaders may have been given a faster deletion feature.

For me when I try to delete a post it says ‘(post deleted by author)’ but then instantly reappears as the message as if I just restored it but the delete button is a restore button.


I can report simularly to above. This was tested in #bulletin-board

For threads, it shows the visual deleted for leaders (red post) with the ability to delete. There is an option to reopen. There is no orange edit note for such actions

For replies, simular to above however I visually saw that it did show the orange edit indicator as it should but it near immediately removed itself.

Deleting moderation actions in a PM does not delete immediately.

Site note of the timer is that now every edit is marked as an orange change and not after 5 minutes


This reply is going to be deleted.


I think the delete is slightly broken… Just a lil


Unfortunately, we may have to use the reporting flag because the deletion option is broken. In private messages, it directly deletes for 1 hour without deleting.