Deleting Team Change Notifications

Is there an easy way to change the notification that says, “you are now on (TeamName) team”?

I have looked at this page, but the solution only seems to work for roblox studio, and when you try to do it on player, it acts in the default way once again.

Not 100% sure if this is gonna help, but if it works on studio, it should be working on the actual game (not in every single cases). Are you sure that you’re testing that on a new server of your game, that you published the game properly (and comitted scripts if in teambuild)?

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I shut down all servers and joined after changing it and it didn’t change, and I don’t have Team Create on.

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Ah, I’m sorry to waste a few of your precious time then. I’ll see what I can do on my side, but that’s really odd.

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Thanks I understand if you can’t help it’s a weird issue I wish I could explain more.

Copy the ChatModules folder, stop the game, copy it back into Chat and delete everything inside of it except InsertDefaultModules and TeamChat.

Now go into TeamChat and turn line 172 into a comment.


Ok I’ll try that. I just realized that the problem might have been that I reverted to an older version while in studio, causing it to not change to what I wanted it to change to.