Delirium - Logo Redesign Feedback

I redesigned the logos A bit :smiley:

OLD / 22nd Nov 2020

NEW / 7th Feb 2021

Feedback with constructive criticism is always welcome!

/Lead Developer

If this is for a group, depending on the group; I think there should be a bit more to it. Although it could work for a game thumbnail, a logo could have more. If it has horror theme, maybe implement a GFX; but either way, this looks nice. : )

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Let me clarify, I’m making a game Called Delirium And I re-designed the logo.
Speaking on the GFX Side of things. I don’t think it would look good if I added some degree of GFX, Can’t really decide.

/Lead Dev

The first logo looks right for a horror game. It has that mysterious thrill and dark air to it. The second is a bit… Lesser form, I guess?
The water in the first is a bit blured out and white, Which matches with the title. The droplets in the second are better, great work, by the way. The title, however doesn’t match.
The title positioning is a bit great, it might be intentional but its not in the middle. The title in the second has the heading all the way up. I dont know if you will add something below but overall it’s amazing.
If you are going for the horror, thrill look, the first logo is terrific!

Thanks for the feedback. Expect to see an improvement update coming within a few hours!


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Looks like I forgot to post the logo yesterday. Sorry about that.


Updated logo and every itteration of the logos
November 2020

February 2021

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