Delta Corporation Training Guide

Hey there,

I assume you are reading this post because you are able to train members in our group Delta Corporation. There are multiple divisions that can use trainings they will be listed here and updated if needed.

Security Division
Alright, So if you are reading this you are probably a Commanding Officer or higher. Upon hosting a training you are to follow these guidelines.

1: Set up before actually hosting a training

2: For now, Trainings are to be hosted in a private vip server in the dedicated games for training

3: Make an announcement that you are hosting a training in the SD Discord Server once everything is set up and ready to commence the training

4: Once everyone has joined lock the server

5: Train SD recruits+ how to properly protect Delta Corporations main facility

6: Do not make the training longer than an hour

7: Once the training has ended you should announce the members who passed and that the training had ended

Internal Forces
Alright, If your reading this you are probably Senior Agent or higher. You are to follow these guidelines as the Internal Forces is very [REDACTED].

Basically follow the guidelines as the SD but host it much more tougher. But there are a few new rules.

1: Share no information that the corporation has [REDACTED] that is for the Overseer and IF to see only

2: Train mostly during pitch black if you can try and use them Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

More divisions will be posted soon.

Last Updated: 22/04/2021