Delta [GFX Artist for hire]


Hello! My name is Delta, I have been working on ROBLOX as a GFX artist / asset creator for about 2 years now.

I specialize in GFX & Clothing creating.

Previous Art


25 R$ - Logo (PFP)

40R$ - Game Icon

115R$ - Game Thumbnail

80R$ - Youtube Video Thumbnail


x3 Icons and x2 Thumbnails - Game Bundle - 175 R$

x1 Profile Picture and x1 Youtube Thumbnail - Youtuber Bundle - 100R$

More bundles to come.


Contact me on:

Discord: unvanish#5343
Twitter: @unvanish69
Or you can just contact me on the Forums.


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I can tell you’re using blender and the renders don’t look that bad B) But here are a few things to make them better;

  • The positioning is backwards, it looks like the characters broke their arms/legs xd image image

I hope that those simple things helped and keep doing what you’re doing :fire::fire::fire::ok_hand:


Thank you so much! I was wondering what was wrong with the renders.

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hey I would like to hire you to make my youtube channel some thumbnails,banner,and a couple of renders

heres my channel

(I know this thread is old, but, just saying, I dont know if things have changed but I’m just saying this.)Maybe it is overpriced a little according to the quality of GFX you make. Like, in the last GFX of yours the character looks like he is a cut-out from and image. In blender 2.8 and above, you can go to Render Properties(The camera icon)–>Flim–> check on transparent, so, that you can get a clean transparent background. Just a quick suggestion, I normally use premade rigs by which you can bend arms, head, and legs with ease. You can find them on YOUTUBE. It really reduces your time and efforts! After all of these, you have done a great job, keep it up! Have a nice day/night! Thank you for taking your time and reading this.