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About Me

COMMISSIONS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Unable to alter the title of this document.

Hey there, I’m TWELVEDAYSOFDUA, or previously known professionally within my work as vnheur, hynire or xynoai! I’m a 3D Graphics Artist on the Roblox platform with over two years of experience in producing high quality graphics for a range of clients, alongside attaining a range of achievements from my work; awards and acknowledgements. I specialise in three-dimensional work, scene rendering and more so in the creation of graphics for the cafe and hospitality industries on Roblox. I’ve linked my credentials and past work down below, so please feel free to check it out!

Additionally, DeIux Graphics has a public Trello Board and a Roblox based gallery for all our commissions which enter through DeIux Graphics. We encourage anyone interested in ordering, to review our previous customers and our gallery.

DeIux Graphics Public Trello Board

DeIux Graphics Gallery

DeIux | Gallery - Roblox

The best time to get in contact with me is during GMT/BST hours, between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM GMT/BST will give you the greatest chance of a fast response. However, if I don’t respond after a while, please message again and I will reply upon my availability!


I have compiled a collection of my work down below, showcasing an array of techniques, skills and the varying pieces of work I have completed.



Advertisement Banners


The cost for all my products are paid for in Robux, and the price can vary depending on the order(s) given, the complexity of the order, the time and resources needed to complete the order, and the skill needed to meet the demand of your order. Moreover, orders paid via t-shirt’s require a 30% tax fee to be covered. This is not included in the set price, so take that into consideration when placing any order.

Icons: 600+ Robux (857 Robux minimum if including tax @30%)
Thumbnails: 1,500+ Robux (2,143 Robux minimum if including tax @30%)

More so, take into account that I do three dimensional and scene work ONLY. Anything two dimensional will be refused unless under dire needs or circumstances with adequate reasoning.

The price for any of the prices above aren’t covering any tax costs, you must take this into consideration when placing an order.
All prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the given order.

Payment Methods:

Payment for all products can be completed through a T-Shirt payment, which would require an additional cost of 30% of your order added on, due to tax.

Terms of Service!

When placing an order, you’re expected to abide to my Terms of Service, alongside the Terms of Service for Roblox.

(I) I will not produce any work which I believe breeches Roblox Terms of Service; this includes work containing derogatory, vulgar or similar mannerisms, and such.

(II) The work I produce will be given a cover until the point of purchase. Only once purchased will the cover be removed, and your order will be handed over with one watermark in the location of your desire. This will not be removed, and is not up for discussion on having this removed.

(III) I am entitled to decline any order without reason.

(IV) I do not tolerate being rushed, rudeness, or disrespected and I will refuse to complete said order(s) should this occur.

(V) I work around my own hour. It’s you (the buyer)'s responsibility to ensure enough notice is given to meet your demand for the order. Orders needed for a specific time period should be given with at least one week of notice.

(VI) I am not responsible for any matters which occur on the Roblox platform in regards to the graphics ordered.

(VII) All orders which demand a form of scenery will need to be provided in the form of a copy model which can be accessed by the artist responsible for said order. We are not builders, so any form of scene is the buyer’s responsibility to source. All work shared is kept strictly between the artists responsible for the product with the soul purpose of said order(s).

(VIII) Prior to ordering, you will need to prove you own the correct currency in-order to complete your purchase. This can be down by screen sharing or a screen recording.

(IX) Your order will NOT be started over until a 50% deposit fee has been made. Only then will your order officially be processed.

(X) Any placed order will NOT be handed over until the full payment has been distributed and/or is pending. I do not accept any alternative methods of payment other than what has been stated.

Prior to ordering, you’re expected to have reviewed my Terms of Service, and it is your responsibility to abide to these when ordering any of my work.

Contact me!

The easiest way to get in contact with me is through Discord, my username and tag is steven!#7130.
Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please direct them to me and I will get to you as soon as possible!


really nice, i love how you put the amount to be a little i like all your thumbnails and renders!


I ordered 4 banners from him. He was fast and efficient to deliver all four of my banners with great detail at an affordable rate. I would 100% recommend this person to anyone looking for a graphics designer!


Ordered a group icon from them, IT WAS JUST AMAZING. I have nothing else to say. Their skills are worth a lot more than what they’re charging, and their articulate skills are off the charts. Went through every stage smoothly, and delivered a perfect product in a very short amount of time! Definitely recommend buying from this person if you are looking for a graphic designer.