Demon slayer 3D model

Hi, I recently just modeled this which took me about 5 minutes. Could you rate this and give me feedback, am on a uploading streak hahaha. Its pretty simple ngl. Full tweet here: [(1) Unoriginal_Dev on Twitter: “Created Nezuko’s mouthpiece thing. It was pretty basic but its good practise i guess. UGC Concept “Green bamboo”( for copy right sake). Like, retweet and follow.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: #Roblox / #RobloxDev /#RobloxArt / #GameDev / #RobloxLogo /#Roblox / #RobloxDev / #RobloxGFX /#RobloxArt / #RBXDev” / Twitter]. Am planning to make the full hair soon!!! (


Hey, I really like it. Though I’m not a big fan of anime, I would play a game that had this level of craftsmanship!

(Also hashtags don’t work on the forum! :sweat_smile:)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Give anime a shot, it releases so many hormones in my body ngl its a once in a life time experience hahaha.


I think it’s nice! One thing I noticed was the left end not being centered to the main like the right or smaller I’m not sure. :slight_smile:

image image

Nice eye, i should have used the mirror tool.

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