Demoneleender's Portfolio(FREE)

About me

Hello!I am offering my services as a builder.I am new at building(around 2 weeks of experience).Personally I’d rate my self a solid 28/100


Some of my work

Front+right side of the medieval tower

Back+left side of the medieval tower


I am almost always available but i do NOT work in the weekends (except if I’m in the mood to work on the weekends).You can see if I am available over here Trello


1.I can decline ANY request from ANY client.
2.Your request MUST abide by the TOS
3.I do NOT accept rushing,let me work at my own pace and I’ll get your request done.


I am doing a limited amount of this but I am working for FREE.


You can contact me on discord at epicgamerngl#9183(please note that this is not my personal&main account for discord and that i’m not always online there) and on ROBLOX i personally prefer discord though.

At last,thank you for reading my portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t recommend you start doing commissions if you started this week. Quality over quantity. You also need to include your work, if you’re not proud of it make something you are proud of.

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Okay thanks!But since i stated that I’ve only been working for a week the clients will hire me knowing that I do not have a lot or any experience,right?

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You’re not gonna get hired if you have no work to show, and I don’t think many people will hire you if you are inexperienced. If you wanna reply to this, please do it in messages so this doesn’t go off-topic.

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Like StodiusDev said, please provide work or people won’t be interested. Also not providing work would be not following the template for posting.

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Oh okay.Thanks for warning me!I’ll delete the post and make my portfolio when I have some work that I’m proud of.


Added a medieval tower that i made!

If it is possible please try making me a cartoon tree and or house.
If you accept I will need it to be made by July 20th.
If your work is good I will recommend you to a few of my friends If they need something built for them.
My main account is DareDaniel0 so that is who you will be giving the model to (If you accept)
If you send me a friend request I will accept so we can chat there. If not we can private chat here on the devforum.


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Hello!I am very sorry for not responding to your comment, I was on vacation and couldn’t access ROBLOX studio or the developer forum (i did not have my PC or laptop).If you still need the cartoon tree or house make sure to send me a friend request on ROBLOX, we can talk on there.

I redid my medieval tower build’s roof today.I think it looks much better.