Deoelovpr | All-around Developer for all your needs

Hello there! I’m glad to see you’ve stumbled upon my portfolio. I am glad to welcome you here!
My name is Deoelopvr, and I am 14 years of age. I have been on the platform for over five years, and have spent the past two years contract developing, managing, and starting many groups. I have a combined totals of over Two Million Visits on places I’ve created, contributed too, or held a managements role in! I am a multi-talented Discord bot developer, java scripter, Lua proficient, and Linux favorer. I am learning Spanish, Swedish, and Romanian.

Now, the reason your here is for my experience so here you go:

Vinns Hotel

Administrative Director

At Vinns hotel I was hired as an Administrative Assistant to the Director. After two months on the job an opening in the Administrative Director role opened, and after an application I was accepted to the role. As the Administrative Director I was responsible for:

  • Moderating in-game experiences.
  • Hosting sessions.
  • Managing Staff.
  • Supervising the Staff and Management Team in daily operations.

Sadly, a company-wide reform occurred in October of 2022. I resigned in November before my team was to be removed from their positions.

Vancouver Police Department


I worked my way through trainings and applications to the rank of Sergeant. I held no administrative duties and served as a patrol officer until a department-wide reform where I was not re-ranked.

Sunrise Hotels & Resorts


I was hired as the Co-Founder of Sunrise Hotels and Resorts. Despite my duties being to manage and oversee all of the development team. My responsibilities were eventually expanded to manage all 300 staff members and a community’s of over 11,000. It was under my leadership that they progressed to over 15,000 members and a game with over 300,000 visits.
I was denied my payment from my development work at the end, demoted to Board of Director, and then terminated from my position in Summer of 2022. The group has since shutdown after my leave due to lack of development progress. (In my mind Karma lol)

Pennsylvania State Patrol

Officer 1st Class

After working my way up to Captain in the Mano County Sheriffs Office, I applied to PSP in late 2021. I worked as an Officer 3rd Class until passing my Officer 2nd Class Examinations exam and eventually getting promoted to Officer 1st Class. I was never given a County or Moderation role but simply worked as an officer for law enforcement experience.

Caffeine Bakery

Development Director

I was hired as the Development Director of Caffeine Bakery. It was a group of around 700 member and 12,000 place visits. I was eventually give the role of Co-Founder to oversee and manage the entirety of the Development Team. The group was shutdown in early 2022 after a collapse of all other enterprises surrounding the bakery. (Burger Son, and Toshiko)

Burger Son

Director of Development

At Burger Son I worked as the Vice Chairman. However my duties were to mainly coordinate the Development Team as the Development Director. The group shutdown in early 2022 following the collapse of funding. However, we progressed to over 300 members.


Vice President

After I resigned from Blau Hotels, I applied to Waterworld as a Trainee and worked my way up over the course of the year and several promotions to the rank of Board of Lifeguards. In early 2021, I was given a promotion by Vice Chairman iiMarc to Vice President where I worked with the other members of the team to oversee sessions, staff, and general park operations. With new park ownership in July of 2021 I was let go from my position.

Blau Hotels

Corporate Assistant

I served as an assistant to the administration team at Blau Hotels. I held this job for just under a year, and resigned following a raid, and mass termination of all staff.

I was responsible for:

  • Assisting Administration Team Members.
  • Moderating in-game environments.
  • Hosting sessions, and supervising the MR, and HR team.

This was my stepping stone into the Roblox managements industry.

Well, you made it to the end! I hope you found this helpful, and consider me for you next management need!

Thank you.