Department of justice roleplay community




  • Recommended - Have a computer which is able to support patrols throughout the entire Roblox Map (recommended for all departments, apart from Communications). This will be helpful for patrols which are limited to certain areas of the map instead of being “Statewide”.
  • MUST be 11 years of age on the day you apply. - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • MUST FULLY understand English and be able to speak English as well.
  • MUST have a working, clear sounding, headset (no feedback allowed from speakers/microphones).
  • Application must have COMPLETE SENTENCES and PROPER ENGLISH!
  • MUST read and agree to all of our community rules and regulations.
  • MUST show respect to both players and staff/administrators at all times!


  • The Administration/Head Administration has the right to remove a member from the DOJ if they do not hold up to the community standards.
  • Lying or false information provided on your application or in your interview may result in a permanent denial/removal from the community. Additionally, applications must be your own work, without reference to applications from other/previous members. Plagiarism is not tolerated.
  • By joining this community you agree to be recorded in any interviews, meetings, patrols, or other events taking place on the DOJ Discord/Game Servers as deemed necessary.
  • If you are a member of another Roblox community you must declare that information on your application. If you hold the rank of staff or higher, you must also declare this information to include your present rank.
  • By submitting an application you understand that your application becomes the property of the DOJ and is filed away under the Administration and Recruitment Division.

Please Note: This is only a roleplaying community. We are in NO way affiliated with the U.S. Department of Justice or any Law Enforcement or Government Agency.