Department store - would you play it?

Hello i making a Roblox Shopping Game!
i was wondering if people would play it!

Would You play it?
  • Yes
  • No Update your game more
  • Update the game a bit then i will

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OH NO! i changed the voting name and then it wiped all the Votes


It depends on the type of shopping game you are making.

Also, you need to provide screenshots of your work/link to your game. We don’t know anything about the UI, build style, etc. So, please provide screenshots.


First of all, the options on your poll are quite rude. They remind me of dialogue choices in an RPG. Make those stuff more like yes or no or needs more updates.

And also, my question is why. Why would somebody play your game? Why would I play this instead of playing Arsenal? Why would I want to play a shopping game? What would I be sold? Does it need Robux to acquire? If so, is it in-game only? You have told us to give feedback on a concept without giving us any details.


Also I was able to select all the options, idk how. I do want to try it out because this sounds pretty original.


LOL on the poll’s options, though because of Roblox’s extremely poor moderation, those generally comedic options can instantly terminate your account, seriously, so watch out please for your account.

Now on the subject, sure I would play, though I don’t really have a tendency to explore new games on the site (i’m currently banned so I can’t do anything on the site :frowning: )


what 1 minuite im talking to a banned person!
WHAT THE HECK i read somewhere that your roblox Dev Froum account goes down with your roblox account!


im not calling anybody a nerd im calling myself a nerd


@Osrock_626 is not banned.

Also, I was saying all those options were rude as in they are forcining people to be mean towards you, or say something positive.


Yeah true but I revised the post!


Actually, I am banned, but somehow I can access my profile here by using the email on a mobile device. I’m bugging the system, and I can send proof if you guy need it

Edit: I’m using my phone to talk in the forum, and i’m not trying to intentionally hack or bug out things, but I do need the forum if i’m gonna help anyone.

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In that case though, wouldn’t your account not show up?

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What do you mean by ‘not showing up’, as in my account automatically taking me to roblox itself to show that i’m banned? Because that does happen on my laptop.

Edit: I’ll be unbanned on the 30th of January so I can play again at exactly 2:37 pm :confused:

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Grammar error.
Why would we need to see if ur banned

Proof, but anyway i’m already unbanned so it won’t matter anymore. :confused:

Kinda late, but can you send screenshots of your store so we can properly judge? We can’t just give feedback when you don’t provide us anything to give feedback on…