[DEPRECATED] CharacterPlus - Avatar Importer Plugin

The second plugin in the Wasabi suite! (Working title)

Character Plus

Video Example


  • Quick templates available to use from a dropdown menu
  • 3D preview of avatars before you import them
  • R6 and R15 options for player’s avatars
  • Option to automatically un-lock any annoying accessories that would normally be locked and unselectable
  • Future updates to fix any errors that may occur due to Roblox updates

Why this plugin?

  • This plugin comes with a few small extra features like a 3D preview and an option to quickly un-lock any annoying accessories on a character.
  • Most other character importing plugins don’t come with any preset quick templates to use.

Though it totally depends on who you are, and what you prefer.

You can get the plugin here
Plugin file:
CharacterPlusFile.rbxm (56.2 KB)


There’s only one problem, there’s one made from Roblox directly in Studio, only thing it doesn’t have is the Preview

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I knew about that when I made this plugin.
Sometimes people want alternatives. (or at least I do)
I also created this for an editable version so people can edit it and add their own stuff.

I haven’t publicized the actual file yet but anybody with BTRoblox can already download the file without having to go through studio files.
I also just kinda wanted a 3D preview so I made it and decided to make it public.

Though I get your point.


If you add more things to it (being able to put accessories directly from the Importer, being able to save custom characters to Import them another time etc.) this might as well be used by a lot of people

Good job tho!

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