[DEPRECATED & NOT UP-TO-DATE] Over-The-Shoulder Gun System

:warning: DISCLAIMER: this framework is not up-to-date and contains deprecated functions. you can still check it’s codebase to inspire things for your own projects, however, using it without any patches/modifications is not recommended.

about 2 years ago, back when I didn’t really know about gun systems, i made a gun system. as it currently has no use for me, I wanted to share it with you guys

Uncopylocked Game
Guide on how to make guns

also one little request please dont sell it thank you
contact me: a4_onym#0001 [one little warning, i’ve quit roblox development so i dont really remember anything about it]


Hi I tried adding you and it doesnt work

Can you add me please 0har#6503

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hi it seems that my nitro has ended so my tag was changed this is the current username and tag: a4_onym#9163

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For those who can’t edit the uncopylocked game, here is the file:
[OTSENGINE].rbxl (713.2 KB)

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Sorry for the late reply I added you

Hey there, I have added you, my username is RF#1974

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